Sunday, 26 October 2008

Kent Coast Week is here!!!!

Well here in, not so, sunny Kent it is half term for thounsands of children.

Kent County Council are, once again, running a series of events to promote the fantastic array of activities that are here on the Kent coast. As a partner with KCC we are offering discounted I hour seal encounter and bays and beaches tours. These are normally £18 for adults and £10 for children. During Kent Coast Week they are only £5 each!!!!! Yes thats right only £5.

The trips started yesterday and all trips were fully booked. We even had a celeb on the boat, Vicky Croft an ex page 3 model!! Also Tony from Thanet Coast Project and Chris Drake from KCC joined us, sadly they are not as famous as Vicky! Talking of Famous the great James Heeming of Invicta FM fame joined us the other week to indulge his other passion of photography.

Bes sure to come join us.

We also had so sad news over the last few weeks. Nelson (The God In Orange) managed to do himself a serious injury whilst doing DIY at home. Always my main excuse for not doing DIY (Damage It Yourself)This is likely to put him out of action for a good few months. He will be missed by us all but Stuart, Matt and Stacey will be covering for him. Get well soon mate!

Friday, 3 October 2008

First day on the blog

Well hello one and all and welcome to the blog from Horizon Sea Safaris.

This week has been a busy one for us.

On Monday Nelson (The God in Orange) and I spent the day on the water with a film crew. They guys are making a water safety video in conjunction with Thanet DC. This is aimed at all the local schools and will be used to promote better safety and aweness of our local coastline.

Thursday Nelly and I were out with the Enviroment Agency, this is a regular job for us helping them with their local clean water survey's.
Happy sailing
Photo from our good friends at Level Eleven Photography